Osmo Steril Pluri

The genius of total hygene
  • Filters the water with reverse osmosis process, giving it high solvency power and depriving it of salts, limestone, heavy metals and other pollutants or bacteria
  • Disinfects it continuously with Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (BIOXTERIL)
  • Supplies automatically and without any need of operator assistance:
    • – up to 3 dental units of any kind
    • – up to 2 class B autoclaves
    • – the sterilization room sink

It’s the only centralized system available on the market for treatment and disinfection of water in dental clinics, which:

It’s a Made in Italy product. Osmosis membranes are Filmtec, Made in U.S.A. and the dosing pump with connected electronic control unit are Made in Germany.


It automatically disinfects the water mains, without operator assistance during the daily dental clinic practices. Chlorine Dioxide needs just to be replaced every 30 days and it takes about 2 minutes.
It diminishes the working time of assistants, increasing the time to dedicate to patients and the efficiency of the clinic.
It automatically provides demineralized water to the autoclaves of the dental clinic, avoiding the production of the same or its purchase and stock, almost eliminating totally the cost of each sterilization cycle.
It eliminates forever any obstruction of rotating systems (turbines, handpieces), syringes, electrovalves etc., with consequent elimination of technical interventions due to problems caused by limestone accumulation.
Reduces the production of special waste, resins, containers and plastic bottles.
Avoids problems and legal costs connected to diseases caused by cross infections.


Systematically reduces the incoming and outgoing bacteria and viruses from the dental unit.
Prevents the formation of biofilm (or removes it in a short time when installed in pre-existing clinics) that is often due to bacterial proliferation and consequent cross infections and pollution of the clinic water network and the one of the building where it’s located.
It ensures a faster healing of patients undergoing dental surgery.
It allows to fill the ultrasonic basins and to use pure water by an auxiliary faucet on the sterilization room sink, thus giving the possibility of rinsing the instruments before bagging them, ensuring a perfect sterilization, since they are polished and without fouling.



  • 2 carbon block filter + sediment filter inside the case
  • carbon block filters + ionic exchange resins for autoclaves
  • tubes for Chlorine Dioxide dosing pump



Patented solution of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2).
It’s easily obtained by mixing the two components of the kit.
It is a powerful and effective disinfectant agent, highly soluble with sporicidal and bactericidal effect.
The effectiveness of the chlorine dioxide is known for use in hospital water networks for the purposes of Legionella Pneumophila control and other microorganisms.


Osmo Steril Pluri can be easily installed inside a standard door cabinet measuring 82 x 50 x 50 cm, placed in the sterilization room.

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