D.R.O.P. D

Reverse Osmosis system equipped to feed automatically one autoclave such as a DAC

Designed to produce high quality demineralized water with conductivity less than 3 μS by reverse osmosis and ion exchange system.


  • Made in Italy (osmotic membrane FILMTEC Made in U.S.A.)
  • It does not require any electrical connection
  • It works by the incoming water pressure
  • Filters kit included can provide 300/400 lit. of demineralized water with conductivity less than 3 μS, suitable for autoclaves which require highly demineralized water (such as a DAC)



SAVING MONEY: it’s not necessary to buy demineralized water and to stock it.
The cost of a sterilization cycle is almost zero compared to other manual or automatic systems.
SAVING COSTS FOR STAFF: as autoclaves are supplied automatically, you can save working time.
Reverse osmosis filtration system is universally recognized as the
MOST ECONOMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY process to produce demineralized water.


Saves money
Saves costs for staff
Economical and environmentally friendly


The filters need to be replaced when the autoclave sends a warning message and, in any case, it’s suggested to replace them at least once a year.
The process is fairly easy and can be done by the operator.

Filters kit includes:
– combo sediment and carbon filter
– two 500 grams ultra fine ionic exchange resins

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